Her House Always Smells AMAZING And People Don’t Know Why. THIS Is Her Secret!


1. This secret spray works on EVERYTHING and smells more amazing than anything you can buy!

If you’ve got an active family, you know that keeping your home smelling fresh isn’t always easy. Febreze is your best friend when it comes to deodorizing furniture, sports equipment, and pet odors. Unfortunately, if your family goes through the Febreze like mine does, you know it can add up and get quite expensive after a while.

Living in a stinky house is not an option, but luckily there is an alternative to racking up expensive Febreze bills. With only a few simple household ingredients, you can easily make your own odor-neutralizing home-freshening spray. Unlike other DIY freshening sprays, this spray is unique in that it doesn’t contain any fabric softener. Fabric softeners are good odor neutralizers, but they can leave a residue on your fabrics and can irritate sensitive skin types. So check out this simple recipe and start freshening up your home now!