Eccentric Uncle Leaves An Old Garage In His Will. What’s Inside? AMAZING!


Iknow I’m not the only one who indulges in the occasional fantasy of discovering something valuable the next time I hit the flea market.

After all, it feels like every other week, there’s a story about a lucky someone discovering an ancient painting by a Dutch master, or turning up a treasure trove of old WWII artifacts in the attic!

Sure, it can’t happen for everyone, but it has to happen often enough to keep Antiques Roadshow going, so I like to hold onto the hope that my day will come!

After all, the chances of buying something on the cheap and ending up with an amazing return are pretty good, and nowhere is that more evident than in the story of a brother and sister in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.


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In 2009, their eccentric and brilliant uncle passed away, leaving the siblings the deed to a dusty old garage in his will.

When they opened up the space and took a good look inside, they couldn’t believe what they found…