She Transforms This 1973 Camper Into A STUNNING Mobile Nail Salon


Nail Artist Turns Old Camper Into A Blossoming Mani-Pedi Business – She buys an old 1973 Shasta camper. Weeks later, this is unbelievable! Amber Morgan has always loved being a nail artist, but hated the monotony of sitting in the same boring salon for hours on end.

One day, while riding in the car and painting with her watercolors, inspiration struck — What if she built a mobile mani-pedi business?

She dreamed up the idea on a Tuesday. By Friday, she was the proud owner of an adorably grungy 1973 Shasta camper, and the real fun began.

Morgan told LittleThings, “Whenever I’m utilizing my creativity I always have my most creative ideas. Sometimes they’re good ideas, but then other times they quickly leave me. This one stuck.

“I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was determined from that moment on to make it a reality.“

This hardworking entrepreneur upcycled her camper into a one-of-a-kind mobile nail salon, appropriately named, The Mani-Camper.

Scroll through below to see how she and her father transformed this tired old camper into a gloriously retro mobile mani-pedi camper.


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Recently, Amber Morgan started brainstorming ways she could best bring her talents to the masses.

Creatively-minded gal that she is, she’s always found that her best ideas crop up while she’s actively engaging in her craft.

So while riding in a car during a day trip, she began painting with watercolors, letting her creative brain out to play.

It wasn’t long before an idea popped into her head: “Has anyone ever built a mobile mani-pedi business?”

Morgan writes on her blog, “I Googled other mobile nail salons and the only ones I could find, that were similar, were in the Orange County/LA area and Paris, France! None anywhere else!

“I knew this would be something special, along with the craze of food trucks and other mobile businesses, so why not a mobile nail salon? From that moment forward: It. Was. On.”