She Put IKEA Bookshelves Sideways On The Floor In A U-Shape. A Few Steps Later? Perfect For Any Small Room!


After her daughter moved into a new apartment that was extremely small, one crafty mom came up with the best solution that saved space while creating a ton of storage. She bought a bunch of shelves from IKEA and now uses them in the bedroom for THIS!


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KT shared her project on the blog, IKEA Hackers, and it’s a great idea that anyone could implement in their own home!

She used IKEA Expedit shelving units to make a gorgeous, queen size, platform bed!

“My daughter moved into an apartment and we needed to have more storage as well as a nice size bed,” KT wrote on her blog post about the project, which is why she started looking at platform bed inspiration online.

That’s when she picked up three of the shelving units from the popular, low-price furniture store and got to work assembling them.

Along with putting together two 1 x 5 units, two 1 x 1 units, and one 1 x 2 unit, KT also bought eight blocks of wood that she used to support the weight of the mattress and her daughter sleeping on top of the bookshelves.

KT put the units in a U-shape in the bedroom, making sure the dimensions would work for the size of the queen bed.