Aunt Spots An Old $20 Desk Online And Transforms It Into A Sandpit Play Area For Her Niece


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For those of us who like to refurbish or repurpose old furniture, it can be like a treasure hunt when trying to find the perfect source material.

But once you do find it — either on Craigslist, at a local flea market, or even sitting on the side of the road — the DIY possibilities can be seemingly endless.

In the case of Instructables user AnitaH25, she found what she thought was the perfect old desk online for only $20. Thinking she would refurbish it for her home, she made the bargain purchase.

But once she saw it up close, she realized that “it had been given a very deep, shabby chic look. There was no way [she] could restore it without spending many hours sanding.” That’s when inspiration struck.

Scroll through below to see how this clever DIY-er turned her $20 find into the perfect sandpit play area for her niece.

This Instructables user was struck by inspiration when she finally saw this $20 find up close.

She decided it would make a great sandpit play area for her 2-year-old niece.