Batteries can be expensive and if you’re not caring for the battery, you may be shortening its life or affecting its performance. It’s important to know how to keep them well maintained to get optimal usage and save some major dollars in the long run. Here are some great tips to care for and maintain your battery.

Keep the Battery Secure
Having a loose battery can cause multiple problems, including internal damage and short circuiting. Not only is this bad for the batteries lifespan, but can ruin a battery completely.

Make sure your battery is properly placed and secure before closing the hood.


Routine Maintenance
One of the leading causes of battery damage is caused by corrosion. Corrosion builds up around the terminals and will destroy connections between the battery and the vehicle.

Corrosion can be easily avoided by applying an anti-corrosion mixture, letting it sit and dissolve the corrosion, and then simply cleaning it up with a rag.

Having a monthly battery clean up is a sure way to increase the life of your battery.

Maintain Charge Levels
If you’re leaving your vehicle stationary for long periods of time, it’s important to keep the batteries charged at a certain level. Your battery does drain when it’s not in use and is important to not let it drop to low levels.


Checking your battery’s charge level every fortnight is ideal. As with making sure it’s at an optimal charge level, it’s also important to not overcharge your battery. This will shorten the lifespan by breaking down the composition of water within the battery.

Battery Insulation
Mother nature can take a toll on any battery, whether it’s extreme heat or cold. Most newer batteries will already be insulated, but it’s essential to double check. If you live in an area that has intense weather, this is essential to increasing battery life. This could especially be an issue if your caravan’s batteries are installed on trays outside the main body of the van.

Water Levels
Most batteries indicate if water is needed, so checking the water levels is fairly simple. If the water level is low, you can replace it with distilled water. If it’s a maintenance free battery, like an AGM of gel cell battery, a regular health check is still worthwhile.

VIA australian caravan+RV