It Looks Like He’s Building A Secret Door On The Ground, But What He Really Made? AWESOME


When you’re a youngster, you don’t need a reason to dig a hole in your backyard. And even as an adult, there are a few good reasons to do so, like if you’re installing a pool, bunker, or wine cellar.

But why did this guy build a door that seems to lead directly to the ground – and nothing else?

Maybe you should ask his nephew…

Reddit user rionled posted photos of the mysterious door. But he also revealed why this idea is actually brilliant.

The door will actually open to a sandpit for his nephew where the child can play to his heart’s delight.

But in order to protect the sandpit and prevent wild animals from enjoying it too, this one is equipped with wooden doors to cover it up at night.

While things like this are for sale online, rionled decided to build one himself for a fraction of the cost.

He grabbed some wood, tools, and his brother to help out. Then they got started measuring the wood and making sure everything would fit together perfectly.

He added the hinged doors to make sure it could be covered up at night so no feral cats or other beasts made it their second home.

Plus the sandpit was also equipped with seats so his nephew could play comfortably.

After his nephew gave the go-ahead, the stained the secret door and attached metal handles. Now it’s ready to be used!


9. What the finished product looks like