89-Year-Old Finds All Her Belongings On The Street, Then She Sees The Eviction Notice


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Angie Tyma has lived in her home in Hudson, Florida, for 35 years. She shared the house with her two dogs, Pepper and Ralphie, and was close with the neighbors.

That all changed on November 16, when her landlord tossed her belongings onto the street and padlocked the door, effectively making Tyma homeless at the age of 88. Tyma had been subletting the house from a friend who lived in Europe.

The friend apparently ran into some financial issues and stopped paying the mortgage on the house,  and so the landlord foreclosed and sold the house at auction, kicking Tyma out in the process. She didn’t even know it was happening until the new owners showed up and forced her out.

Tyma wasn’t about to take this lying down, despite her age.

Her neighbors knew her as a feisty lady who wasn’t afraid to swear or speak her mind, and who could still dance the Twist, so they rallied around her, like good neighbors do.

Some took in her belongings for safe keeping, and others paid for storage for the larger items. One worked at a motel and helped set up Tyma and her dogs in a room.

“They treated me very well,” Tyma said, “but I swear to God I felt like I was in prison.”

All she wanted was her home back.

Finally, she and a neighbor cooked up an idea to save her home. But what Tyma didn’t know was how she’d get her beloved home back.