Dad Lays Out 4 Wooden Boards To Create An Incredible Fort For His Very Lucky 2-Year-Old


One of the things I most look forward to in life is having my very own backyard. Sure, the house and location are what really matter — but a backyard is where all the fun is!

I often dream of all the wonderful things I’d love for it to have: a beautiful fire pit, a little pond, maybe a special garden… There are so many cool possibilities, it’s hard to decide.

But when I saw this incredible backyard feature, I knew this is one thing my future yard definitely needs.

However, it’s not just the beautiful product that I love — but the adorable family that built it, and the sweet little boy that will be enjoying it for many years to come!

After all, what can be better than a good dad building something for the child he loves? In my opinion, nothing.

14This dad knew he wanted to build something special for his little boy — so after coming up with a great idea, he picked up some lumber and got to work!