Did you know your washing machine is crawling with bacteria? Solve the problem directly with 1 unexpected ingredient from your kitchen


We depend on our washing machines to do wonders and rid our clothes of stains and smells. But we rarely think about how the machine itself could need some cleaning, too.

Just imagine how much dirt is collected from all the dirty garments that you wash. As much as you might wish it, not all bacteria disappears through standard washing – and in the name of the truth, that bacteria just remains there, in your machine.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t remember the last time I cared to clean my washing machine. But the truth is it’s because I had no idea how – until now.

4There’s a very easy method that solves the problem in no time. Instead of putting loads of time on trying to disinfect your machine by hand, simply head to your kitchen – and grab a regular dishwasher tablet. Just make sure it’s the kind without any plastic film around it.